3 sectors that Rahul Shah is bullish on right now

What we are seeing in Europe is obviously going to benefit the entire metal pack and then that could add value and exports might move up in a few companies. So definitely companies like Hindalco, JSW Steel and Tata Steel look like the biggest beneficiary of this.

Ethereum geared up for The Merge: Here’s all you need to know

If the merge will have an impact on the price of Ethereum, is yet to be known as there are many variables and unknowns which make the price predictions for the token impossible. One must note that the Merge is not a guaranteed price booster. The Merge will also introduce changes to the rate over […]

Two stock ideas for next week by Nooresh Merani

So currently a palm oil move indicates there should be some momentum. I would be a little wary of this momentum trade on FMCG so we should avoid these stocks. The only FMCG stock which is coming up on our radar is Emami Ltd. which has broken out and is still holding on.

Joe DiNapoli’s trading tips to avoid mistakes and amass superior returns

Joe DiNapoli is a renowned trader, author and internationally recognized lecturer. DiNapoli has been involved in the markets for more than 38 years.His book, “Trading With DiNapoli Levels,” provides key insight into technical analysis. His deep knowledge about the markets can help any trader improve their market timing approach.

Why valuation compression will be the biggest risk to the equity investors

Apart from these, the other supply-side challenges induced by the war in Europe or drought in other parts of the world will also impact the prevailing inflation. Amidst this environment, where the chances of inflation remaining elevated throughout the year are high, central bankers across the globe face the daunting challenge of managing interest rates […]

Why focusing on these Paanch Pranas can lead to capital market’s growth

Private markets could include private capital (debt or equity), long term project financing, private trading, and providing liquidity to founders or employees against their shareholdings. Again, technology and digital platforms can be used to connect private companies with institutional and accredited individual investors to reduce the time to market.