How to sail the ups and downs of market with a low volatility strategy

Most investors suffer from loss aversion bias, i.e. the pain of losing is twice as much as the pain of winning. Therefore, in times of market free-falls, the low volatility strategy may help to decrease the magnitude of the fall.In addition, having a low volatility strategy’s support may also minimize the panic decisions made during […]

Why S&P BSE 500 ETF can be a good starting point for new investors

Investing in volatile market is a challenging task. But what needs to be remembered is that equities are vehicles of long-term growth and consistently investing in equities can help potentially generate significant long-term returns. Further, India remains a bright spot among the developing markets and equity markets will likely benefit from this over the long-term. […]

Learn with ETMarkets: How to use volatility to generate profits from short-term equity trading

However, in stark contrast to the traditional method of buying equity for the long term, short-term equity trading can be extremely beneficial for day or positional traders who use the implied volatility and associated price action to generate profits.For long-term investors, volatility-induced market dips can be used to increase allocation in beaten-down stocks, only to […]

RBI’s meet, auto sales among 8 key factors that may guide markets this week

Ajit Mishra, VP – Research, Religare Broking, said that participants should align their positions and look for buying opportunities on dips. All the sectors are contributing to the move. “We believe the focus should still be on the top performers rather than expecting a turnaround in the beaten-down names,” he added. “We reiterate our preference […]

Income obsession sweeps across asset classes as stocks swerve

In the bond market, a mix of dip-buying behavior and growth concerns has sparked a fierce rally in Treasuries after benchmark yields hit multiyear highs last month. Billions have been funneled into corporate debt, with the S&P 500’s earnings yield holding the slimmest advantage to the average yield on blue-chip bonds in over a decade

Fed rate hikes and strong US greenback sent gold to multi-month lows

Gold is generally considered a safe investment during economic and political uncertainties. Last year, when the global economic situation became dire due to the Covid-19 pandemic, investors rushed into the safety of gold which saw prices rise to multi-year highs. An all-time low Indian rupee and a hike in custom duty on gold have kept […]